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StartMenuPlus8 - the Advanced Start Menu for Windows 8 PCs provides a Windows 7 Format Start Menu which includes Win 8 Modern UI Applications (and Win 8 Search), so as Applications are installed, they will also be automatically available from the Start Menu as will Selection Lists generated from your Internet Browser’s Favorites/History Lists.  With these Functions, plus the ability to Generate Dedicated “Task” Menus, which provide the User with direct access to the Applications, Internet Pages and Data required for a particular Task, you will find that the BEST VERSION of WINDOWS YET is now installed on your PC.
Design Aims for StartMenuPlus8

1. To Permit Users who are currently using Windows 7 to transfer to a Windows 8 PC without having to undergo any retraining or loss of productivity during the change over.  i.e  Provide a Replacement Windows 7 Start Menu. It is estimated that Microsoft’s replacement of the Desktop Start Menu by the Modern UI (Start Menu) will require every user to ReTrain/ReLearn how they interface with the PC.
In the case of a company with 12,000 PCs, and many have more, the cost is likely to be at least 3-4 Hours per Person Including Managers (total time from Desk) plus the loss of productivity when the User is not as familiar with their new system.(i.e the disruption has the potential to last for many months) . It will be difficult to resource sufficient Training Resources to speedily undertake the required training, and any payback will be limited if not Negative, making it a difficult, if not impossible to get Management Approval for the Upgrade.

For many Start Menu Replacement Routines especially the “Free” ones this is the Limit of the Functionality.

2. To Provide KeyBoard and Mouse Users (i.e Traditional Desktop Users) with a User Interface which enables them to Maximize their use of the Applications(both Desktop and Modern UI), Internet Web Pages, Files and other Data by providing a Single Point of Access to these Resources. Ideally any User should be effective immediately after the upgrade and then use the more advanced components of this interface if and when required by their processing requirements.
It would be ideal it it was possible to provide this interface in both the Desktop and the Modern UI environment (a proof of concept of the Modern UI Version has been successfully written and tested) BUT it has not been progressed because Microsoft do NOT currently permit Hybrid applications which have routines running in both the Desktop and Modern UI environments.

Commands Recently Used Display  Lists the Commands which have recently been used in Alphabetic or Last Date Order.

Selecting the “<Back” button on the Full Display (as in the Windows 7 Start Menu) will produce this display.
Selecting the “>All Programs” button on the “Recently Used” Display will redisplay the original Full Display.
Search Functions-There are effectively two Search Functions
1. The StartMenuPlus8 one which works on selecting the lines of the Current Display which match the characters type into the Search textbox.
The List displayed reflects which lines match as the characters are input. (See this Display)
2. The Windows 8 Search which is selected when the Win8 SearchBox is checked.
Windows 8 Search-Just check the Win8 Checkbox and the characters input will be entered in the Windows 8 Search panel
Windows 8 Search Panel