HTML Scraper – Semalt Expert Explains How To Extract Any Data From The Web

The Internet is a huge store of information, and every web page displays data in the form of an image, video, audio or text. Unfortunately, the modern web scraping tools cannot scrape PDF files and HTML documents easily. Thus, an HTML Scraper can perform multiple tasks for you. It is one of the most famous and reliable scraping tools on the Internet.

Scrape HTML text from dynamic sites:

You might want to collect, analyze and evaluate the HTML text of the dynamic site. HTML Scraper allows you to extract useful information from multiple blogs and sites. You can use this tool to target real estate agencies, automobile sites, technology blogs and ecommerce sites. The data is spanned across multiple pages (like Google), and HTML Scraper makes it easy for you to target all of those pages.

Extract any type of data from the web:

We all want to access the World Wide Web with just a few clicks. With an ordinary tool, it will not be possible for you to scrape HTML documents easily. Plus, those tools don't provide readable and scalable results. But with HTML Scraper, it is very easy to target a large number of web pages. It is best known for its user-friendly interface and can handle hundreds of HTML documents at a time. You can also create beautiful visualizations and interactive templates with this service to improve your site's performance.

Traditionally, the data extraction tools are either too troublesome for a non-technical person or too simple to handle the complexity and interactivity of a modern site. Unlike those services and programs, HTML Scraper can scrape information from all modern web pages and gets you accurate and reliable results.

Scrape text from Amazon and eBay:

One of the most distinctive features of HTML Scraper is that it scrapes text from both eBay and Amazon. You can also collect, scrape and save data from Alibaba and other similar sites. HTML Scraper makes it easy for you to scrape pricing information, product descriptions and images of these sites and helps build an ecommerce site conveniently. In addition, you can use this tool to index your web pages.

Good for data scientists:

A data scientist spends 60% of his time collecting and preparing data instead of putting it to use. HTML Scraper gives them full control over how to structure or modify their HTML documents. You don't need any programming skills to get benefited from this program. It can easily handle sites with interactive maps, dropdowns, authentication, cookies, redirects, AJAX, JavaScript and infinite scrolling. HTML Scraper saves your time and energy and gets you readable and scalable content in a matter of minutes.

Point-and-click interface:

HTML Scraper is best known for its point-and-click interface. You can use this tool to safely scrape as many HTML documents as you want. We can switch out of its Easy Mode and use HTML Scraper's advanced features. This tool is great for programmers, non-programmers, webmasters, and large-sized companies. You can perform multiple data scraping tasks with this amazing software.

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